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Nov 12, 2012 9:00am EST
forget the sound of my church being crushed." the rising threat to religious freedom in russia... "what they did was not right. we didn't even have time to save the bibles." on the "700 club," monday at 10:00 a.m3 meteorologist))((ad lib meteorologist)) it's our fox45 "thanks giveeway" giftcards every 100 dollar visa we're giving away 100 dollar visa giftcards every hhuu, everyday on fox45 mornnng news through thanksgivi. thanksgiving.ww already have all our winners we already have all our winners for today.. but ou can still ggt your name in the box n time for tomorrow. tomorrow.go to facebook dot com slaah foxbaltimore and click onn"contests" to fill out the form and read the we're continuing to monitor a water main break... in mt.'re looking live at he ssene now.we'll 3&but next....the steps kea is taking to help kids in need this holiday season... and what áyouáácan do to help. yyu're watching fox 45 good day ballimore. ((bbeak 6)) 3 when we switched to fios, we got better tv, better phone, better internet. it was like somebody like took our computer, shook al
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1